the band perry

Check Out The Band Perry’s New Video!
The Band Perry's latest single, "Chainsaw" has trees everywhere shakin' in their boots! (That's if trees had boots, of course!) Check out their video for the rockin' song. I loooove the theme and they have an important environmental message for all of us at the …
The Band Perry Play High School Show
One lucky group of high school students got to take an hour away from being studious to rock out to the The Band Perry in their school gym. Wilson Central High, just outside of Nashville, won a State Farm Contest and the prize was an hour long performance by the sibling trio.
Stacey Cook From Team USA Covers The Band Perry (Video
So I have a really nifty app on my phone that updates me on the latest celebrity Tweets, since I am not a tweeter myself. It helps me stay up to date on the latest celebrity news and whatnot. Well a yesterday I came across one from The Band Perry commenting on Stacey Cook and Team USA covering their…

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