What did we do before YouTube? Seriously. There must have been this giant hole out there that we couldn't see where YouTube simply wasn't. Thank God we have it now. If not, we wouldn't be able to share a remarkable story about a bunch of awesome kids from Michigan.

The Olivet Middle School football team got together and decided they were going to do something on the football field that actually wouldn't please too many people. But they didn't care. They were doing the right thing. They knew it. And they knew their fans, friends, and family--not to mention the coach--would know it all in good time.

These are some of the most mature 13- and 14-year-olds I have ever heard of in my lifetime.

They just wanted to "make someone's day, make someone happy." Man, in this day and age, when a group of young teenagers "plot" to make someone happy, you feel like there is hope after all.

The "someone" in question is Keith Orr. He's a member of the team and he has learning disabilities and boundary issues--but in a good way. He likes to hug and everyone on the team is his friend. It's such a refreshing change from all the horrible bullying stories we hear.

Anyway, you have the video, now, and you don't need me to fill in blanks. But I can honestly tell you, I cannot get over the maturity level and the kindness exhibited by these kids.

Really amazing.