They say money doesn't grow on trees. Well...actually...they don't really NEED to say that. It doesn't. But at the world-famous Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, it was falling from the sky...well, the fourth story.

I would imagine, on Black Friday, that merchants and security officers at a gigantic shopping establishment like the Mall of America have plenty with which to concern themselves without some guy taking 1000 one-dollar bills and tossing them into an already frenzied crowd.

But that's what Serge Vorobyov did. And his heart was in the right place. He's had a rough 2013 and felt like helping people out. Unfortunately, his generous gesture landed him a disorderly conduct citation.

No good deed goes unpunished. But I do agree with the mall's spokesperson that someone could have gotten hurt.

There certainly ARE other ways to donate your money during the holidays.