Yes, I had a good time with WBKR friend and Waking Crew member Bruce Pierce yesterday morning. Bruce, our morning computer geek, also knows a thing or two about guns. And, I am in the market for a new firearm, so Bruce invited me to join him at Whittaker's in West Louisville. As Bruce says, " I gotta tell you, they got a lot of guns".

They also have a friendly, helpful bunch of guys are gals that are there to wait upon you. We looked at pistols, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, shotgun chokes and I don't know what-all.  Bruce, who makes his own bullets (brave guy) hung around long after I left.

It was a fun time. I know what I want and when I decide to purchase it, I will have ol' Bruce back there again to guide me along.

Thanks Bruce and here's your commercial...

Bruce R Pierce





Charming and

Everything else