Wow, what a week. I have been following (stalking, some would say) Martina McBride for some time. I could tell you stories. Like, this one next to me. Jarrod Ratliff ran into Martina McBride at a Fan Club party in Nashville and had her sign this t-shirt for me.






Or, when Chad and Jaclyn scored this barbecue sauce autograph when they ran into the Angel from Sharon -->








And, for well over a year I have followed Ms. Mmmmmm on Twitter.

But, this week, while on Facebook  I just happened to see her name out of the corner of my eye. So, quicker than you can say "Happy Girl", I clicked on her Facebook request. And, lookee here...


Her Facebook page is great, always something interesting there. For instance, today she had this tribute to Faith Hill (her birthday) .

Neat, huh? Join in the fun, follow her here. And, WBKR here.