We use an invaluable service at WBKR that allows us to have access to all the newly released country singles. It's called Play MPE. It's not a website, but it is an online service, if that makes sense. It's not available to just anyone; it's only for radio stations.

Last week a new single popped up in the queue called "Strong" by Kyle Whitaker. I always listen to the new songs, but before I could get around to listening to Kyle's, the phones were ringing off the hook for it. Turns out Kyle is a Morgantown native, and his whole family was calling in requesting the song.

So I downloaded it onto our hard drive and it landed in the High Five for the first time last Wednesday afternoon.

And that was a first for me.

I'd never had a song make the High Five before I heard it for the first time. I thought that was hilarious. And then Kyle called and we set up an interview and live acoustic performance, and it all came together on Tuesday afternoon.

And with accompaniment from his friend, songwriter Joe Howe, here is Kyle Whitaker's live performance of "Strong":