Like I told y'all on Friday, Carsyn and I had plans to go to the Holiday Drive-In in Rockport Friday night to see Rio 2. (I can't lie, I was just excited as she was to see the movie, ha!) I loooove the drive-in and knew Carsyn would love it, too.

So, we got there early (don't anyone pass out that I got somewhere ahead of time, ha), got a nice assortment of snacks from the concession stand and sat up camp in the car for the show. It was chilly Friday night, so I brought some pillows and blankets and we just sat in the back of my SUV. Speaking of my vehicle, I've only had it since October. Ok, maybe that's plenty of time to figure out all of the buttons, but apparently I hadn't ever needed to control the interior lights.

I committed a major drive-in party foul....

I could not figure out how to get my dome light off. Seriously. My back-hatch was open and the lights just wouldn't go off. Yes, I tried everything, but nothing worked. I would like to publicly apologize to the mini-van parked next to us for any excess lighting that came your way.

I'd say the low-point was when the nice young men riding around the grounds checking on people stopped in front of us and asked me, "M'am, would you mind turning off your dome light?" My response?? "If I could figure out how to turn them off, I would. Sorry!" He laughed, a lot, and drove off.

I'm a problem-solver. I don't give up. My solution? Simple. I turned the car around and we sat in the front seat and watched the remainder of the movie. See, problem solved!

Next time, I'm taking chairs and we will be just fine, ha!