The gentleman in the picture is Evansville, Indiana native Adam Alexander, proud to say is a good friend of mine we share the same birthday July 11th which is coming up soon! I send Adam a text every year to wish him a happy birthday, want his number? (just kidding) I got a chance to work with Adam for the 1st time behind the scenes for Evansville Aces Basketball that we use to carry on WBKR in the 1990's, you could also hear Adam talking to local drivers weekly on "Racetalk" every Tuesday night on WBKR, Adam has worked at WFIE-TV 14MRN Radio, The Speed Channel and TNT!  A very impressive resume to say the least, this weekend you can hear Adam in the booth covering TNT's Saturday nights Sprint Cup Race  at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky!  All of us are very proud of you Adam, keep up the good work!