Friday night, me, Carsyn and our friends Chelsea and Brooks drove to the Muhlenberg County Ag and Convention Center for the Lone Star Rodeo. This was the first rodeo any of us had been to and we were pretty excited!

The venue, in my opinion, was the perfect size. The kids were so excited to see all of the "baby cows" and horses when we got there. Carsyn didn't quite understand why we couldn't go over and pet the horses, haha!

Sidenote: The venue is non-smoking and I'm pretty sure someone was smoking in the bathroom. C'mon people!! The exit to outside was only about 25 feet away from the bathroom, get a grip! ;)

So, they had a cute little best dressed cowboy/cowgirl contest before the show. These kids were so cute! Our kids loved the horses. Once the show was underway, a four-year-old girl and a woman in the rodeo rode out with the American flag. Carsyn soon informed me that she wanted to ride that horse and have that flag. Ha!

We had to leave early, because it didn't get started until 8pm and our two-and-a-half year old kiddos were getting pretty sleepy. But, we had a blast! The rodeo is awesome! And ladies, how did I not know how hot those cowboys are?!? Ha!

We'll definitely be back next year!