Here at WBKR, we LOVE Jimmy Parrot and we LOVE bringing him to the studio every year for his annual birthday bash.  And today was no exception.  Jimmy turned 45 and we celebrated with Wonder Woman, the Mayor of Hawesville and Jimmy's special birthday cake, an anatomically-correct Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter.  Check out the photos!

So, yes, let's get right to this cake.  Did you all see this??  How hilarious is this cake?  We sent an image to our friend Lisa at The Cup Cakery and we knew she was going to scan the image.  But Lisa came up with the idea of making Beth a 3-D version and representing her the way she really is.  And presto . . .

Is that not HILARIOUS!!  Jimmy LOVED it and he posed with Lisa and admired her creation.

Jimmy and Lisa from The Cup Cakery!

By the way, The Cup Cakery can hook you up for your next special occasion.  Give them a call at 270-684-3809 or CLICK HERE to follow their official Facebook page!  There is nothing like a status update about cake!

If you tune into The WBKR Waking Crew each weekday morning, you know Jimmy loves some of television's classic leading ladies.  He loves Charlie's Angels, Ann Komis and Wonder Woman.  We decided to have Taunya spin around in circles and become one of Jimmy's favorite crime fighters!

Hey, is that your invisible plane behind you?

Naturally, Jimmy (and various WBKR listeners who happen to be male) LOVED it too.  Check this pic out.  Wonder Woman is showing Jimmy her bracelets mean business.  LOL!

The Justice League of Hawesville!

Jimmy is a beloved member of our show and he truly has become a spokesman for Hancock County and the City of Hawesville.  So, Mayor Rita Stevens showed up to show her appreciation and help Jimmy celebrate his big day!

Tad, Jimmy and "The First Lady of Hawesville" . . . Hawesville Mayor Rita Stevens!

And Rita brought a special present for Jimmy given to her by Hawesville Police Chief, Chief Buzz!  Yep!  Jimmy got an official POLICE hat and immediately drew his fake gun and screamed, "Freeze, Mister!"

Charlie's 4th Angel!

Jimmy also got a surprise phone call from Kizzy, who told him she had a U-Haul full of presents for him.  Take a listen . . .

And, to show his appreciation for Kizzy, Jimmy did his best impersonation of her.  Take a look!


Happy Birthday, Jimmy Parrot!  We love ya, buddy!  Here's to a happy 45th and we'll have you back next year for your 46th birthday!!