I thought I would share this since we are a week away from Thanksgiving ( I know it does seem too soon...), which means Christmas is right around the corner!

It looks like the Big Man himself, Ole' Saint Nick, is teaming up with the Owensboro Parks and Recreation Department for Santa Calls. December 11th, 12th, and 13th Santa will be making calls to area children between 6pm and 8pm.

To get your child under the age of 9 on the list, you will need to pre-register by Monday, December 3rd. The program is free, however the calls must be to a local number. To register, you can pick up the form at the Owensboro Parks and Recreation office located at 1530 McJohnson Avenue, the form can be faxed to a home or business, or you can download the form from www.owensboroparks.org. For more information about the event you can contact the Owensboro Parks and Recreation Department at 687-8700.

I am sure a call from Santa, especially a little under two weeks before Christmas Day, will bring a smile to any child's face!