You've seen a basketball game, right? You know that one team will have five players on the floor. And the OTHER team will have five players on the floor. It's one of the most basic rules that exists in basketball. It's like knowing that in order to drive, you need to have a car. Well, in order to see, APPARENTLY, three Sun Belt Conference referees at last night's Western Kentucky/Louisiana-Lafayette game in Bowling Green need glasses or LASIK surgery or something. During the final possession, the score was tied at 70. Lafayette had the ball. They drove the floor, made a basket, and won the game. Final score: Lafayette 72, WKU 70. Thing is, there were SIX players on the floor for Louisiana-Lafayette. That. Is. An. Automatic. Technical. Foul. However, no such call was made. Had that "T" been correctly assessed, Western would have gotten two shots and the ball back and likely won the game. It would have been a rare bright spot in a dark season that's seen the dismissal of the Hilltoppers' head coach and a record that stands at 5-11. Clearly, it's been a pretty high-profile 24 hours in Bowling Green. Go Tops!