I didn't know we had bears in these parts. Actually, I don't think we do. This black bear that has been spotted in southern Daviess County is likely a wanderer.

According to WFIE, fish and wildlife representatives from Hartford are saying the bear most likely came here from Tennessee and wildlife biologist Jerry Handley says it poses no threat to people.

Reports were coming in from all over southern Daviess County on Friday. Two calls came in from the Natcher Parkway near mile marker 69, while one woman saw it run through her yard on Sugar Grove Church Road.

And there were two more reports from the Red Hill/Maxwell Road area just off 231 south of Masonville.

Deputies have found what they think are tracks in the same area. Hopefully, the sheriff's office and fish & wildlife can tranquilize this little guy--well, the bear is a young male, but he may not be little--and get him back to his proper location or at least somewhere he can be taken care of.