Longtime Owensboro and Henderson restaurants, Shoney's, will be shutting their doors on Sunday.

The owner of both restaurants, Ed Bay,  filed a lawsuit in 2010 against Shoney's North America for breaching their license agreement. The ongoing lawsuit has cost Bay so much that he can no longer afford to keep the doors open at either location.

There has been mixed emotions about the buffet closing.  When we initially heard about the closing, we posted to Facebook and several people expressed both disappointment and excitement.

We did notice that most of the commenters were sad to hear of the longtime Western Kentucky's restaurants' closing. See some of the comments below and feel free to leave your own.

Patty Edge Neace We'll doesn't that suck! The had, as far as I'm concerned, one of the best breakfast bars in town. So sad to see them close.

Shannon Rucker Leonard I have had nothing but positive experiences at Shoneys and hate that Sunday is their last day open...we enjoyed their breakfast bar

Samantha Tooley It is a big loss for the people who have worked there for 20+ years. That place is like family for some people.

Derek Kindle Good need something new for us to do around here instead of going to e vill

Daniel Tierney AWESOME! Maybe they will put a Chili's there, or another good restaurant

Justin Frank No big loss they over charge for years and never had good service