What's going on?

Beware of Your Surroundings
Angel Here! I have always been taught to be aware of my surroundings when out by myself. A recent blog written by our sister station WKDQ's Melissa Brooks got my attention-->
Let's Go To The Movies!
Last week we posed the question of when the Holiday Drive-In over in Reo would be opening. Well we have some good news people!
Less Is More
Friends of Sinners is changing the lives of men and women through Christ. Is God calling you to be a part of this amazing ministry? Are you one of the 300?
Car Seat Safety Event
Angel here! As a mother making sure my babies are buckled in right is so important. Gregory Insurance Group in Owensboro will be hosting a Car Safety Event this week-->
Journey Inside The Incredible Colon
March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. The Kentucky Cancer Program here with Owensboro Health is sponsoring a One Day Exhibit with the Incredible Colon-->
Keller Williams Red Day
The office of Keller Williams Elite Realty loves giving back to the Owensboro community. They are searching for individuals or families to help during their Annual Red Day-->
Celebrating Single Parents
Today is National Single Moms Day but I am celebrating all single parents! I traveled this road both with my own mom for years and as a mother myself.
It's National Ag Day
Angel here! It's National Ag Day and we love our local farmers! We wanted to celebrate by highlighting some of our local farmers in the area. Farmers are vital to the growth of every community-->
Do You Know These Pups?
Angel Here! My dear friend Jamie Lynn Shannon posted a picture of these sweet puppies on her facebook page. She says they showed up wet and cold at her house last night. Can you help-->
Inner Glitter Pageant
Angel here. You all know that I love all things pageant related! When I heard about the Inner Glitter Pageant for women and girls with special needs I had to know more-->
The Bigger They The Harder They Fall
Julius Maddox, of Owensboro, has superhuman strength! He works out constantly to stay in shape. Recently he tried box jumping and it didn't work out so well-->
Huge Consignment Sales This Weekend
If you think it's ridiculous to spend $50 on an outfit for your child(ren) then I have the answer for you! It's my deal of the week or should I say DEALS!!!
Stuffed Zucchini Boats [Recipe]
Tabatha Carman is cooking up a fun What's Cookin' recipe that'll make you want to set sail. How about Stuffed Zucchini Boats?
Angel is Celebrating Let's Laugh Day
Today is National Let's Laugh Day. Over the last two years at WBKR Chad and I have done a lot of laughing here are some of my favorite moments that make me giggle-->
Thruston School's Mr. Pendley Dies
Mr. Pendley, the beloved principal of Thruston Elementary School, has passed away. His former students are remembering the man and his amazing legacy at the school.
Popcorn & A Movie?
Some of my favorite memories were made at the Holiday Drive-In in Reo. With spring just around the corner I am wondering when they are going to open!-->
Buckle Up for Megan Miller
March 19th marks the 12th anniversary of the death of Megan Miller. Her family is marking the occasion with a rollover simulator to promote seat belt safety.
Angel's Bargain of the Week
Angel Here! Super pumped about this week's bargain. Lil Bit Sassy Children's Boutique is having a huge sale this Saturday you don't want to miss-->