Well, this might not be the type of blog you usually see from me but I thought I would put this one out here.

Last Saturday I went shopping, something I usually really enjoy. The reason I enjoy shopping is because I usually know what I want, I go in, get it, and leave. On this particular trip I decided to do a little more browsing and did not end up enjoying my trip.

I started looking at clothes and noticed in the first few shops that I couldn’t find anything I liked or anything in my size. Now I have to admit, I am a larger guy, and I knew that I wasn’t going to find everything in my size (and there are some styles that I KNOW I am too large for). I decided to go to a few stores where I normally like the styles and usually find at least a few things in my size. While I did find one or two items in my size, nothing that really drew my attention.

I decided to take continue my search on Sunday. I took a little road trip and went to several more shops. I began to realize quickly that I was running into the same problem that I did the day before. The very few things I found in my size I wasn’t really into the style.

While shopping I noticed that most stores didn’t have anything over a size XL or the items they did have or called XXL were about the size of a medium or large that I am familiar with. This makes me wonder if this is something that is planned or if it is just the fact that they sell the larger sizes so fast they can’t keep them in.

While I know that the extra pounds I have are not the best for me health wise, I still need clothes. I can order online, but I like to be able to try on the clothes because as I mentioned before, sometimes the sizes aren’t the same. I don’t know if there is any solution to this “problem” (other than me getting to the sizes they sell), but I would like to find something to help those of us that are not the social norm in size. I have the feeling I am not the only one out there having this “problem”. I would even understand the price being a little higher for the larger sizes (which they already are in some stores). Please leave a comment if you have noticed this yourself.