97 teams began!  And, well, most finished.  LOL!  The 2013 WBKR/Halloween Road War is in the books.  And a huge "Congratulations!" goes out to Team Saunders, the grand champions in this year's event.  The official mileage of the course was 67.0 miles and the Saunders clan finished with 66.9 miles on their trip counter.  (In fact, 8 other teams were within .4 of the total).  Here's the official solution to this year's event, which featured some fun and challenging new twists and turns!




In the 2003 horror film Wrong Turn, friends embark on an ill-fated road trip and eventually have to leave their stranded vehicle and continue their journey on foot. In the first leg of the Road War, that's exactly what YOU will have to do.


TURN TOWARD THE GREEN RIVER-  From the starting point, turn right toward Green River Credit Union



TAKE A PLEASANT LEFT-  Turn left onto Pleasant Valley Road



BE THE QUEEN OF OUR DOUBLE WIDE TRAILERS-  Turn left onto Hwy 60 toward Freedom Homes



QUICK! WHIP AROUND AND HEAD BACK THE OTHER WAY-  Circle the parking lot of Wonder Whip and head back the way you came



DRIVE PAST THE HEARTLAND, SOME MEXICANS AND JESUS-  Continue on US 60 East past Heartland Cafe, El Toribio and St. Pius



GO RIGHT WITH JEFF, MITCH AND CHARLIE-  Turn right onto Daniels Lane



HOW ABOUT A QUICK GAME OF GOLF?-  Turn left onto Hillcrest



YOU'RE GONNA MAKE MY DAY, RIGHT?-  Turn right on Eastwood



AT THE STOP SIGN, GO WITH THE GRAIN-  Turn left onto Daniels Lane



TAKE A RIGHT WITH NICKY, TOMMY AND ROGER-  Take a right on Hayden Road



AT THE LIGHT, YOUR TURN WILL BE GOLDEN-  At Bypass intersection, turn right toward McDonald's (US 60 East)



FOLLOW LADY ANTEBELLUM AND PETULA CLARK-  At intersection of Bypass and US 60 East, turn left and head toward downtown Owensboro



WHEN YOU CAN, TAKE A SHORT BUS RIDE-  Take a left onto Greyhound



FOLLOW LINDA AND GEORGE LEFT-  Take a left on Hamilton



TURN BETWEEN THE T'S AND THE D'S-  Turn onto 4th street between Terry's Tees and Dee's BBQ



TAKE A RIGHT WITH JOHN MICHAEL-  Take a quick right onto Montgomery



YOU'RE GONNA THINK WE'RE DAMIEN WHEN YOU SEE THE #6-  Follow 6th street, which takes you around a residence and onto a City-owned alley



OUR NEXT LEFT WILL BOWL YOU OVER-  When you see the Boulware Mission, take a left onto Wing Avenue



WHEN YOU REACH THE STOP SIGN, GO WITH THE GRAIN AGAIN-  Cross intersection of 4th and proceed toward Owensboro Grain






DUCK INTO THE PARKING LOT WHERE YOU CAN SEE KENTUCKY-  When you see Aflac, park your vehicle in the lot adjacent to the Blue Bridge.  That parking lot also features the glass mural of Kentucky



FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY IN DOWNTOWN OWENSBORO-  Abandon your car and proceed on foot through downtown Owensboro






WHEN YOU FIND IT, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WILL HAVE COMPLETED THE FIRST LEG OF THE WBKR/HALLOWEEN HAVOC ROAD WAR!-  Photo is located in the back right booth inside Bee Bop's Diner.  WBKR's Barb Birgy was waiting there with clues to the next leg of the course.




In Christopher Nolan's 2000 psychological thriller Memento, Guy Pearce stars as Leonard, an amnesia victim who has to use Polaroid snapshots to rebuild the pieces of and recall his recent tragic past. In this leg of the Road War, we are giving you a set of snapshots which will help you find your way to your second checkpoint. Enjoy piecing together these little “mementos.”  (In this leg, teams were given 18 photographs and were challenged to piece them together to create a route to their 2nd checkpoint.  A photo of that checkpoint was included in the package of 18 photos, but was designated as the checkpoint.)

Turn right onto 2nd Street toward construction. You will be forced to turn left.
From the turn you made from 2nd to Daviess, teams were able to spot the PNC Bank sign to their right onto 3rd.
Road Warriors remain on 3rd street until they can see Roberts Brothers Auto Mart from the intersection of 3rd and Locust. Participants then turn left onto Locust.
Rod Warriors continue on Locust until they reach the intersection of 9th. Cooper's Barber Shop is to their right, indicating the direction the teams turn onto 9th Street.
Just beyond The Sandbar, teams may or may not see this garage hidden just beyond it. It signifies that teams should turn left from 9th onto Moreland.
Teams will encounter this bizarre piece of electrical equipment at the corner of Moreland and 12th. It rests on the passenger's side indicating that teams should turn right onto 12th Street.
The photo of the Edge Ice Arena suggests that Road Warriors should turn left onto Hickman from 12th. They will pass this structure on their right.
By making note of the arrows and landmarks mentioned on the sign, Road Warriors must deduce that this sign rests just before the corner of Parrish Avenue and Frederica Street. From Hickman, participants should turn left onto Parrish and head that direction.
This bus stop rests just behind the Owensboro Public Library. The photo indicates that Road Warriors will turn right onto Ford Avenue from Frederica Street.
From Ford Avenue, Road Warriors will see this sign looming in the distance when they reach the intersection of Ford Avenue and Robin Road. It indicates a left turn.
This Gordon's True Value sign indicates a left turn onto Booth Avenue.
This photo of the WBKR Studios (with a Road War sign for good measure) indicates that teams should proceed south on Frederica from Booth. They will pass the radio station, which sits on their left.
The photo of this set of street signs indicates to teams they will turn left onto Tamarack from Frederica Street.
This is the intersection of Tamarack and Jefferson. The vantage of the photo indicates that teams should take a right turn.
Teams proceed on Jefferson until they reach the apartment complex known as Dutch Banks, which rests at the corner of Jefferson and Weikel.
From the intersection of Weikel and JR Miller Boulevard, Road Warriors will see this underpass. It indicates a right turn onto JR Miller.
This is the side of Ulta Beauty Supply teams will see if they make the correct turn from JR Miller Boulevard onto Theatre Way.
Trunnell's Farm Market (checkpoint #2). The photo indicates that teams turn left from Theatre Way onto Frederica (Hwy 431) and proceed to their next destination.





In the 2004 horror movie Saw, a psychotic mastermind engineers elaborate puzzles that challenge his victims morally and intellectually. And the fate of those victims hinges on a minimal amount of clues and the maximum amount of terror. In this leg of the Halloween Havoc Road War, you will rely on minimal clues as well. You will have to unscramble the twists and turns of the 3rd leg of tonight's course. One mistake could result in your demise in the War. So, do you wanna play a game?


HEAD TOWARD THE BORO-  Teams turn right onto HWY 431 and head back into Owensboro



TURN RIGHT JUST BEFORE I-E-R-U-H-T-T-L-R-S-Q-E-O-O-  At The Liquor Store, turn right onto Fulton



TURN LEFT WHEN YOU SEE N-Y-H-I-F-T-A-A-I-M-C-L-I-S-R-  When you see Family Christian, turn left onto Southtown Boulevard



TURN LEFT TOWARD X-E-E-E-E-L-T-L-T-N-V-H-  From Southtown, turn left onto JR Miller Boulevard in the direction of The Next Level



TURN LEFT TOWARD T-U-F-M-S-E-O-S-R-T-I-O-C-  When you see Comfort Suites, turn left onto Salem Drive from JR Miller



ANOTHER LEFT JUST AFTER R-E-G-U-C-E-C-O-I-S-  Just past E Cig Source, teams, ironically enough, will turn left onto Marlboro



TURN RIGHT TOWARD D-D-N-N-L-A-E-U-U-T-A-B-O-  With Audubon Dental looking in the distance, teams will turn right into Carlton Drive



WHEN YOU ARE BETWEEN B-N-A-A-E-R-R-Y-&-S-A-P TURN RIGHT-  At the intersection, with Arby's and Panera across the street, turn right onto Frederica



TAKE A RIGHT JUST BEFORE S-U-L-A-F-F-T-E-  Turn right into Time Drive, just before Fast Fuel



TAKE A RIGHT BETWEEN N-W-K-I-T-A-S-H-E-J-C-O-T AND THE CAPTAIN-  Take a right onto Chuck Gray Court between Jackson Hewitt and Captain D's



TURN AROUND WHEN YOU REACH H-N-N-A-A-E-T-I-  When you reach the parking lot of the Athenian, turn around and head back the way you came



TURN LEFT WHEN YOU SEE E-N-L-A-S-  Turn left onto Time Drive when you see Lena's Alterations



TURN RIGHT TOWARD F-U-S-O-O-O-L-E-A-D-R-U-D-Y-L-R-  Turn right onto Frederica Street toward Our Lady of Lourdes



NOW, TURN RIGHT WHEN YOU SEE A-E-R-P-T-W-O-L-E-C-  Turn right at Tower Place, which is this home to Papa Murphy's Pizza and Great Harvest Bread.  That right is Byers.


TURN LEFT WHEN YOU SEE N-N-A-E-L-A-A-D-R-B-  Turn left onto JR Miller when you reach Alan Braden's office



TURN LEFT AT C-Q-O-U-N-A-V-E-N-L-I-I-T-E-Y-N-C-E-  Turn left onto Legion when you see Quality Convenience



TURN RIGHT BETWEEN &-D-H-C-P-E-A-S-N-E-R-  Between Hardee's and PNC Bank, teams will turn right onto Frederica



TURN RIGHT BEFORE E-K-I-D-C-E-N-N-N-N-P-E-E-B-D-A-  At Independence Bank, teams turn right onto 25th Street



TURN LEFT WHEN YOU SEE A M-O-B-B-I-  When you see Bimbo Bakery, teams will turn left from 25th into JR Miller Boulevard



TURN RIGHT WHEN YOU SEE D-T-O-J-M-N-N-A-I-D-  From JR Miller, turn right onto 14th.  That intersection is home to the office of J Todd Inman



LEFT AT WHAT WAS S-W-A-T-U-O-D-E-D-E-R-R-N-H-S-  Turn left onto Moseley at the site of the former Ward's Trend House



LEFT JUST BEFORE D-T-E-O-O-Y-U-N-P-D-T-  Turn left onto Parrish when you see On Duty Depot



RIGHT WHEN YOU SEE A-F-T-T-I-Y-S-  When you see Stay Fit, turn to the right onto JR Miller Boulevard



LEFT AT R-H-E-O-L-U-L-S-I-E-M-  Proceed on JR Miller Boulevard until you reach The Miller House on 5th, where you will take a left



LEFT AT E-D-X-E-U-T-L-A-E-D-I-L-G-N-I-  Take a left onto Frederica when you reach Deluxe Detailing



LEFT WHEN YOU KRAVE A D-E-L-E-S-P-K-O-I-C-A-O-  From Frederica, turn left onto 9th Street.  The Museum of Art is hosting an event called Kaleidoscope Krave.



TURN RIGHT WHEN YOU PASS L-B-B-B-N-W-I-O-O-S-Y-  Just beyond Bobby Wilson's Furniture, turn right onto Triplett Street



ANOTHER LEFT JUST BEFORE U-S-S-E-E-E-R-X-F-P-L-  Just before Fuel Express, teams will turn left onto 18th from Triplett



RIGHT JUST PAST G-H-N-E-I-I-L-G-L-H-O-T-R-S-  Teams will proceed just beyond Rolling Heights and will turn left on Leitchfield.



TURN RIGHT WHEN YOU CAN SPOT K-S-I-N-O-  When you see Niko's, teams will turn right onto Hwy 54






S-S-S-Q-M-O-I-U-U-A-T-L-&-J-R-O-E-C-N-I-I-D-  Teams must decipher that their checkpoint is 54 Pizza Express East, which sits between Jamie's and Discount Liquors!







We all go a little mad sometimes”- Psycho

Proceed to your next checkpoint . . . Ritzy's on Hwy 54. But first, you must drive to where you can photograph this guy standing beside the road. You must show the Halloween Havoc Road War staff the correct image to receive your final set of clues. Failure to produce the correct image may drive you MAD!


Teams must proceed on HWY 54 and photograph the name Norman, which is prominently featured roadside at Norman McDonald's in Philpot.  Teams must show that photograph to Road War staff at their next checkpoint, Ritzy's on Hwy 54.






In the 2005 thriller Hide and Seek, Dakota Fanning stars as Emily, a young girl who, following her mother's suicide, makes an imaginary friend named Charlie. Charlie likes to play Hide and Seek. And, tonight, he wants YOU to play too. Hidden below are the names of 15 horror movie villians, the name of tonight's finish line and the four roads you must take to get there. For a chance at $1,000, you must complete your final challenge in full and bravely present your official mileage at the finish line.

Teams were to find the following villains:





Freddy Krueger


Hannibal Lecter

Jason Vorhees



Michael Myers

Norman Bates




They were to also find the name of the Road War finish line:  Fright Night

And the four roads needed to get there:  Hwy 54, Bypass, Hwy 56 and Hobbs Road.

**At Fright Night, one Road Warrior from each team had to brave the haunted house and deliver their official game piece to a Road War staff member inside it.**