Home Baker Bill Passes Kentucky House
A couple of months ago, I told you about the Kentucky home bakers' fight to keep baking and selling goods out of their homes. A house bill supporting their rights has passed the House and it's ready for the Governor to sign off on.
Top Foods That Cause Gas [VIDEO]
If you don't want to "clear the room" or "scare your dog" avoid these foods that can cause major gas! It happens sometimes so don't be embarrassed. In the big scheme of things it really doesn’t matter!
20 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate [VIDEO]
Have you ever wondered if you have something in the fridge does it actually need to be kept in the fridge? Will I get food poisoning if left out? You may be surprised to learn that these 20 products don’t need to be refrigerated. I know I was!
Owensboro Free Meal Schedule For Those In Need [SCHEDULE]
Many families struggle to put food on the table all year long.  Lots of children in our community depend on the food they receive at school for breakfast and lunch.  I raised the question "Where can families in need go to get a free meal in our community?"
Dinner with Dave: Homemade Egg Rolls
It's a new feature (I hope) here at It's called "Dinner with Dave." And today, to my pleasant surprise, I was greeted with the news that my first such meal would be homemade egg rolls, courtesy of our very own digital doyenne, Ashley Sollars.
BRENDA DAVIS: Trunnell’s “Rod-Iron Chef America”
Last Saturday at Trunnell's Farm Market, nine WBKR listeners came to compete for the title ROD-IRON CHEF AMERICA!  The challenge:  to create an original recipe using at least one farm-fresh ingredient available at Trunnell's.  We had a potato dish, Creole corn, a baked peach pancake, sloppy joes and…
Joe Lowe Live at Our Lady of Lourdes Picnic
Want to win a couple of tx to Holiday World? Maybe you just need to get some very wound up kiddos out of the house and into some fun activities. Head to the Our Lady of Lourdes Church Picnic on Frederica St. in Owensboro now! Stop in by 4:15PM and you can be part of the cornhole tournament which is …
Join The Fun At The McLean County Health and Safety Fair
McLean County H.S.  1859 Hwy 136 East   Calhoun Ky, 42327
Join me, Emily Carter, as I broadcast live from the McLean County Health and Safety Fair this Saturday March 19th from 9AM until 11Am. The festivities are taking place inside the Mclean County High School and doors open at …

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