Columbia Records Will Release A Treasure Trove of Cash
The man in black will sadly never return to the stage but his live recordings and studio bootlegs will journey on in the form of a new box set to be released February of 2011 according to That Nashville Sound. The release will come just four days ahead of the 79th anniversary of the birth of the &qu…
A Blast From The Past Classic Dolly
Submitted for your viewing pleasure classic Dolly on "That Good Old Nashville Music"  circa 1974. Look out for more links to the oldies and the goodies coming soon. Enjoy!
Christmas Food Court Flash Mob
Take a little time to bring some holiday spirit into your icky icey workday morning. Watch as unsuspecting yule tide shoppers are treated to a free concert. Shopping for Christmas gifts at the local mall may not seem relaxing  and dealing with some of the shoppers may put you out of the holiday…