ncaa basketball tournament

Houston? No Problem!
For the majority of humans, 13 years lasts about 13 years. For Big Blue Nation, it lasts about 13 centuries. But the hand-wringing can stop. The Kentucky Wildcats have returned to a familiar place, a place they've been--whaddya know--13 times before. UK is back in the Final Four!
Proven Wrong…Again!
Note: As some of you may know, I am NOT a UK fan, however, I will give credit where credit is due when it comes to the Cats and I owe them a HUGE credit.  Yeah, my brackets are busted, they are  bloody, and they are crushed deep into the earth...
Two Shades of Blue
There was no way it was gonna happen. And Big Blue Nation was soothed with a Duke loss the night before. But there it is: 62-60.
Oh Man, What a Thursday!
Thursday night television hasn't been this relevant since NBC's white hot line-up ruled the ratings a decade ago. And while many were watching the big shocker on American Idol, I was watching the big shocker unfolding in an Anaheim arena.
My Bloody Brackets: Part II
I was reading Chad's blog about his bracket collapse, and I'd have to say that I envy his 40 points out of a possible 64. I'm sitting at a robust 35. I also happen to be in almost 100% agreement with this Sweet 16 predictions.  That, in and of itself, is worthy of …
March Gladness
Sound the trumpets! The best three weekends in sports have arrived! It is the NCAA Basketball Tournament! You'll have to forgive the apoplexy; I do this every year. Let the Golden Eagles and the Blackbirds fly! Get your Boilers Made and your Heels Tarred! March Madness is here!!!!!