Jason Crabb Interviews and Sings with Reba [VIDEO]
Whenever I see the Crabb name pop up, I think "I know them!" Even though Grammy and Dove Award winning singer Jason Crabb and the rest of his singing siblings and extended family left Ohio County a long while back, I still think it's neat to see them doing so well.
My Life in Song Titles, Reba Edition
Okay, I haven't done this in a while and hopefully, it's going to be fun! I was scrolling through some of my old "notes" on Facebook and I came across various surveys I had filled out. I love them! I found a great one called "Your Life in Song Titles". T…
Blake Shelton Is Reba’s Brother?!?
Ok, ok...maybe not in real life, but lools like the fun duo will portray siblings on the small screen! Reba announced via Twitter that Blake Shelton will guest star on her sitcom, "Malibu Country".
A Sneak Peek Of Reba’s New Sitcom ‘Malibu Country’ [VIDEO]
Reba is back with a brand new sitcom this fall on ABC called "Malibu Country" I just watched the trailer for it and it looks like another great show for Reba to add to her huge list of accomplishments, veteran actress Lily Tomlin will play Reba's mom in the show and I wouldn't be surprised…
The 2011 CMA Music Fest!!

Taylor!  Brad!  Keith!  Sugarland!  Reba!  ZBB!  Blake!  Miranda!  Lady A!  And a whole bunch more!  The 2011 CMA Music Fest has arrived!!  And WBKR is trucking down to Nashville, courtesy of MUDDS FURNITURE to bring you a sneak peak of the 40th Annual Fan Fair!  Tune in Tuesday as Chad, Jaclyn and …

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