Meet Bella! Our SPARKY Pet Of The Week
If you tuned into Chad and the Interns this morning on THE WBKR WAKING CREW, you heard us chatting about Bella, our SPARKY PET OF THE WEEK!  If you can help us give Bella a forever home, please get in touch with SPARKY today!  How can you resist that face...
Man’s Best Friend Needs Some Friends!

Those of you who listen to the WBKR Waking Crew know that I am a sucker for animals.  My two dogs, Wilma and Dolly, are both rescues.  I took them in when they needed a good home.  Wilma was a stray.  Dolly was essentially given the boot from her home after she produced a litter of pups at the age o…
There’s Something About Amelia
Look at that face!  I want you all to meet my new furry friend, Amelia.  She visited The WBKR Waking Crew this morning with our buddy, Kenny King from SPARKY.  Amelia is a 9-month-old Terrier/Poodle mix and she is looking for a "forever" home.
Meet Kendra!
If you tuned into the WBKR Waking Crew this morning, you were introduced to Kendra, our SPARKY Pet of the Week!  Kendra was a pound puppy and was rescued by SPARKY.