I have a great deal of respect for Taylor Swift. Here's this 21-(soon to be 22)-year-old woman whose career skyrocketed right out of the gate when she was 17. That kind of success at that age has ruined others before her and may very well ruin others for years to come. But not Taylor. She has kept a level head on her shoulders and without effort. And it doesn't appear as if that will change any time soon, if ever. Recently, Taylor was interviewed by Lesley Stahl on CBS' "60 Minutes." During the course of the interview, this very mature young woman embraced her status as a role model and fully accepts that responsibility. In addition, and this is hardly a secret, her album and ticket sales continue to astound. So why am I asking questions about her popularity? Well, check out this poll I put up on the WBKR Facebook page earlier this month. Now, check out THIS poll that Chad put up that same morning. Granted, Taylor wasn't the only artist who received criticism, but there were enough comments about her performance on the CMA Awards and her winning the Entertainer of the Year award that it made me wonder just how well-received she is among country music fans. I know country music fans don't just like country music anymore. Everyone--myself included--has a wide variety of tastes. And I only bring up this line of thinking because the 5th single from her "Speak Now" album--it's called "Ours"--has just been released. And the other four have all gone to #1. Listen, I'm not jumping the gun or anything. I'm absolutely not proclaiming the end of Taylor Swift.  I don't think that's anywhere close to happening. I'm just exploring an idea. Time will always tell. As someone--whose name I cannot recall at this time--once said, "I don't think the fat lady is singing, but maybe she's clearing her throat?"