What on Earth is this thing?  Seriously.  I saw this infomercial for the first time yesterday and this truly may be the most bizarre beauty product in the history of man and womankind.  It's the Air Curler and looks like a blender for your head.  Watch!

I am not sure what to make of this at all.  It reminds me of several things.  First, it looks like this gal has attached a water pitcher to her head.  Does she think that will make her hair grow . . . if she waters it like a sunflower?  It also reminds me a bit of the machines Dairy Queen uses to make a Blizzard.  As much as I love ice cream and Heath bars, I don't want my hair . . . or this girl's . . . anywhere near by "cool eat."  The Air Curler also reminds me of the way cotton candy is made at the county fair.  I'm pretty sure this product utilizes the same technology that spins sugar into cotton and I just can't imagine spinning my hair around in circles and serving it on a cone.  And it also reminds me of a Margarita pitcher.  And, after watching this commercial and blogging about it, that sounds good right about now.  In fact, I am pretty sure the person who invented the Air Curler was tipping back pitchers of hooch in the laboratory.

Does anyone else find this thing totally bizarre?  Or is it just me?