Take a trip back into the past this Sunday as for six hours the American Queen docks in Owensboro. She hasn't been here for a long time, mainly because our Riverfront wasn't ready. But, also because there had been a change in ownership and she was shut down over three years. Sunday, the ship will be occupied by travelers enjoying "Music of the 50's" cruise from Louisville to St. Louis. The passengers will be embarking to see what Owensboro has to offer: the Bluegrass Museum, our new Smothers Park, Owensboro Museum of Fine Art and the Western Kentucky Botanical Gardens.

Ships have been docking in Owensboro since 1811. Ahh, that was a good year. As many as seven per hour used to pass by our waterfront.

You can view several videos on You Tube of the American Queen, but this one from Henderson is recent.

So, let's have a blast from the past and head down to the Riverfront Sunday and see a real "American Queen".