Just ask Hartford resident Bradley Wayne Jackson what he thinks about pop country music.  He rants about it on Facebook constantly and he cracks me up every single time. As you can tell from the photo above, Brad has a pretty strong opinion about the state of the country union.  And, about a week ago, I noticed that Brad found himself a social network for folks just like him.  It's the We Hate Pop Country Facebook page and it's pretty darn funny. The We Hate Pop Country Facebook page is exactly what it claims to be.  This page is for people who like old-school country . . . the real rebels and pioneers of the genre.  And, as you can see by this photo, there are a whole lot of folks they consider to be posers.





Some of the features on this Facebook page are HILARIOUS!  There are routine questions like, "If given the chance, would you burn one with Willie Nelson?" The responses are a riot!  Some of them I can't print, so I'll let you head to the page to read them for yourself. We Hate Pop Country posts random photos of stars like Jason Aldean and others, who lately seem to be infusing country music with rap, and graffiti them with captions like "Say No to Tractor Rap!" And they'll go after modern-day country stars on their own Facebook pages and other social media sites.  Yep!  They'll taunt pop country fans and try to shame them into submission.  Look what We Hate Pop Country did when Country Music Nation posted the link to Luke Bryan's new single "Play It Again" . . .






I think this site is hilarious!  I may not always agree with what they are saying, but I applaud anyone who has the walnuts to say it this abrasively! And, any Facebook page that is now proudly featuring a D-BAG of the WEEK can't be all bad, right?  In fact, their most recent recipient of that prestigious honor . . . Billy Ray Cyrus!




LOVE IT!!  And check out what they had to say about Big Machine Records' newest tribute album . . . to Motley Crue!

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Big Machine Records, the label home of Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, and Florida-Georgia Line will release a “country” themed tribute album to the glam rock band, Motley Crue, and will be released in the summer. There you have it, folks! This is what “country” has come to in the year Two Thousand and Fourteen.

And, what do the folks on this page think about Florida Georgia Line, the biggest duo in the business right now?  Well, see for yourself . . .



To check out more of the We Hate Pop Country Facebook page, CLICK HERE!  And be sure to look for comments from Bradley Wayne.  He's all over it . . . waving the flag and rallying the troops.