Ya'll know I am a huge fan of The X Factor.  I have been blogging about it since the second season premiered a couple of months ago on Fox.  If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, there is still time.  Not only do we have a potential country-star in the making with Tate Stevens, we have a possible international megastar being born in 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar.  The child can sing anything.  But last week on the show, she did the impossible.  She took one of the biggest hits of the decade, mixed it up and actually sang Adele better than Adele.  Not kidding.  WATCH THIS!

Carly, for the last two weeks, has gotten the most votes from viewers at home and has ranked 1st among the performers still vying for that 5 million dollar recording contract.  Right behind her . . . country singer Tate Stevens.  Check out his performance from last week!

Even the folks who have been voted off the show are incredible.  Last Wednesday, Vino Alan was voted off despite this performance of "Trouble."  I had chills just watching at home.  This is CRAZY!

If you are missing The X Factor, you are missing amazing talent and inspiring performances.  Check out the Top 6 as they sing tonight . . . 7pm CST . . . on Fox.