Today, as the year 2012 winds down, we visit to see what were the most popular posts on the site for 2012. Here they are top to bottom.

1. BKR Clash in the Country: Hunter Hayes vs. James Wesley

Who could have predicted that Hunter Hayes would be the most visited post on during the year 2012. It started with Dave Spencers "Clash in the Country" between Hunter Hayes and James Wesley last March. Since then it has had 14,930 visitors.

2. Lane Goodwin – Thumbs Up For Lane – Passes Away This Evening

After bravely battling cancer for a long time, McLean County's Lane Goodwin lost his fight in October. WBKR tracked the joy the "Thumb's Up" campaign brought Lane. Annie Jenkins' October 17 post was viewed by 9,474.

3. Dave Spencer writes Fly the Coop…Montego Bay, Jamaica Is Calling [VIDEO]

Early in 2012 WBKR was giving away a trip to Jamaica. Dave, who always looks a something with a little tick, spoke about his mother's car and an Enya tune before finally showing a video of Montego Bay. 6,417 found it intriguing.

4. Christmas Wish 2012

4,530 people viewed the Christmas Wish pages this year. The campaign, which met over 1,100 requests, could be contacted through our website where the majority of the views occurred.

5. OPD Searching For Two Lost Owensboro Children

Jaclyn Graves put out the word the kids were missing on April 25th. 3,925 viewers checked out the story. Fortunate;y, the kids were found the next day unharmed.

6. BKR Clash in the Country: Rachele Lynae vs. Gwen Sebastian [VIDEO] 

Another Clash in the Country in May made the top 12. Featuring newcomer Rachelle Lynae and pro Gwen Sebastian. 3,606 of you watched.

6. BKR Clash in the Country: Cloverdayle vs. Payton Rae [VIDEO]

3,509 fans viewed this page and as it turns out neither song did anything chart-wise.Fans of Cloverdayle and Payton Raeneed to try harder.

7. Faith Hill is So Skinny She Looks Like Celine Dion [Video]

When I wrote this story in September I had no idea whatsoever it would be viewed by 3,197 people! I am always jokingly saying no one wants to read what I have to say, but in this case you did. Thanks.

8. BKR Clash in the Country: Craig Campbell vs. Brett Eldredge [VIDEO]

This Dave Spencer Clash was between two artists who had significant success already. Craig Campbell had a hit with "Family Man"and Brett Eldredge had his ode to Raymond. 2,780 fans had to see it.

9. Blake Shelton Headlines the 2012 Big O Music Fest

Chad broke the news in March that August's Big O Music Festival would star Blake Shelton, biggest name in Country in 2012.2,714 had a look.

10. Pat Sajak’s Daughter, Maggie, Releases Country Song [Video]

Way ahead of everyone else, in January, Chad Benefield writes about Pat Sajak's kiddo starting a country career. Not much has happened so far. In fact, the WBKR post is the highlight. 2, 564 viewed the post. Well, maybe not -- the You Tube video has over 115,000 viewings.

11. BKR Clash in the Country: Rick Monroe vs. Jason Thomas [VIDEO]

Two newbies Rick Monroe and Jason Thomas (sounds like two deejays) face off in July.  And, yet 2, 512 watched anyway.

12. Chad Writes Yet Another Open Letter to Lauren Alaina

Chad stirred up a hornet's nest in January after returning from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital radiothon orientation. He had some "fatherly" advice for Country singer Lauren Alaina after observing her actions.

There you have it. What a great year. And, tomorrow we start an all-new one!

Happy New Year!!