In the wake of the tragedy that happened Monday afternoon at the Boston Marathon, we are looking for our local runners. Unfortunately, not everyone crossed the finish line so their whereabouts are unknown to us. We have checked the Google Person Finder set up for the Boston Marathon but are unable to locate any of the below runners. If you are concerned about an individual runner, please contact his or her family for more up-to-date information.

According to the official individual runners list, this is the list of the three runners from Evansville and Newburgh.

Place Overall Place Gender Place Division Name BIB HALF Finish Net Finish Gun
» Hendrix, Janna (USA) 14600 Add runner to 'My Runners'
5067 609 504 » Holt, Suzanne (USA) 8493 01:35:11 03:16:41 03:18:58 Add runner to 'My Runners'
4979 4387 297 » Truett, Artis (USA) 8321 01:38:13 03:16:18 03:17:19