I like Louisville as much as the next person. The Bardstown Road area is one of the coolest neighborhoods in the country. I could spend a couple of hours in Cave Hill Cemetery soaking up the history. And, of course, there's the Kentucky Derby.

But, I still have never seen Louisville as the ultimate travel destination. I guess I don't have to, now that lonelyplanet.com has done it for me. On its list of the top travel destinations for 2013, there sits Derby City at #1. Calling it a "lively, offbeat cultural mecca," author Robert Reid seems to enjoy Louisville's "weirdness."

He likes the oddball 21c Museum Hotel, the bourbon culture, the antique shops, and any number of old warehouses that have been converted into breweries or microdistilleries.

Hey, he doesn't have to sell me. I love the city. Always have. I just thought all this cool stuff was one of American's best kept secrets. I'm happy that Reid has let the cat out of the bag.


You can't say "cat" in Louisville. Sorry.