Comparing the state of the NCAA to the current state of the American government in an interview with Kentucky Sports Television, University of Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari minced no words in expressing his opinion of college sports' ruling body.

Coach Cal has long been a staunch advocate for players and their rights and he's been very vocal about the NCAA's extreme classification of "added benefits."

For example, it would have been a violation for Brandon Knight's parents to be given a couple of plane tickets so they could attend the 2011 Sweet Sixteen game in New Jersey in which Knight scored the winning basket for #4 seed Kentucky against that year's overall #1 seed Ohio State. Because Knight's folks couldn't afford the trip, they weren't there.

Calipari says that player insurance is incumbent on the kids and it's a hefty loan they have to pay back at the end of their eligibility. He says that discourages kids from staying four years.

Now, if a player is drafted, that loan isn't a problem because he will become an instant millionaire at the next level. But, if not, that could be a stiff chunk of change.

Let me clear something up. I do not agree that players should be paid. No way. We can't be throwing amateur athletics out the window. We can't turn college basketball into the NBA's minor league.

But paying for meals or helping a kid's parents watch him play a game or protecting them if they get hurt?

I just don't see the harm in that.