With just over 8 minutes left to play in Kentucky's Tuesday night matchup with Florida, freshmen defensive specialist Nerlens Noel charged after Gator Patric Young in an impressive hustle play. He did block Young's shot, but then slammed right into the basket stanchion, seriously injuring his knee. Young was nearby and said his leg "wobbled" and that he "couldn't even think about it."

The Rowdy Reptiles in the Florida O-Dome became hushed although Noel's screaming could be heard through all the noise. Noel was eventually helped up and carried out by his teammates before the rest of Wildcats returned to the floor and finished up a 69-52 loss to the Gators.

But that final score and any impact on Kentucky's season going forward are irrelevant compared to the health of a very talented young man who could have impacted his career with that injury, the extent of which, at this writing, is unknown. Even Coach Cal doesn't know much yet.

But suffice it to say, the kid was in agony. Prayers and best wishes, according to ESPN anchors on Sportscenter, were coming in right and left on Twitter. I certainly hope he takes all the time he needs to heal.

If you missed the game, here are videos from two different angles which show how he sustained the injury: