It's an odd way to start this blog, but bear with me. Without fail, whenever I go to Bass Pro Shops in Nashville, I always find an excellent parking space. Always. And when I do, I say to myself, "Must be livin' right."

Well, it would seem that my definition of "livin' right" pay-ay-ales in comparison to the folks in this video compilation. (And, by the way, this thing has been lurking on YouTube for almost a year. How am I just now discovering it?) I mean, some of these accidents look like they could be absolutely deadly.

Yet, none of the folks who survive look like they even need a Band-Aid. In fact, most of them just look like they come away from their respective ordeals looking a little wind-swept.

I'd take it.

Seriously, if an enormous truck ever slams into my bicycle and I'm on it and I can just hop up and walk away like nothing ever happened, now THAT is "livin' right."