I hope David Letterman knows about these guys, because when I first discovered theslowmoguys on YouTube, I was reminded of how Letterman always used to like to see what certain things looked like under certain conditions.

Specifically, I mean the segments where he'd have staffers drop items off the top of the top of a 10-story building. I love that stuff. Watermelons, TV sets, bowling balls. He'd do it all.

Well, now theslowmoguys of YouTube have sort of taken Letterman's lead, whether they realize it or not, because they are fascinated with how stuff looks in slow-motion. I never thought about it before I found their channel, but I guess I do, too, because I find their videos fascinating...this one, in particular, featuring a bullet being fired from a gun underwater.

Still, I wouldn't try this at home...but I would at THEIR home.