Remember Pizza Day in elementary school?  I went to Thruston Elementary here in Daviess County and we all LIVED for that rectangular piece of pizza.  It was a great alternative to the day we all hated: Spinach and Pink Rice Day!  Don't ask.  Last week, we asked our WBKR Facebook friends if they remembered that old-school pizza too and they did!  Check out some of our favorite comments and the memories rectangular pizza conjured up!


Delta Fleming: Couldn't Wait For PIZZA Day!!! The Best Pizza!!!

Shelly Howard Whitaker:  We used to scrape the cheese off , eat the crust, THEN enjoy all the cheesy topping last!

Philpot Wildman: Anyone wanna trade my toppings for your crust?

Ryan Russelburg:  Loved them pizzas. Fold them in half and ate them.

Jerry Don Douglas: Best when dipped in ketchup. Mmmmmmmm!

Jill Henning Harper:  Don't forget the corn! It was always served with corn for some reason. I wonder why?

Tammy Michelle Vernon: Pizza, corn and salad CLASSIC

Sherri White: So hot around the outside you could hardly hold it and still frozen in the middle

Cherly Becker Edwardson: Never had the pleasure! What school did u go to I am jealous!

Amy Lancaster:  Where can we buy them today??????

And Carolyn Horsley Edwards provided the answer to the question above!  She found a place to order rectangular pizza online.  To see, CLICK HERE!