Spring cleaning has begun at WBKR. Roxianne the Receptionist got in on the act as she tackled our supply closet behind the front desk. Lost among the file folders, notebooks, ink pens, FedEx envelopes, and various and sundry other items was an Alan Jackson calendar. Okay, if you're an Alan Jackson fan. Not okay if you need something with which to keep track of 2012. You see, it was an entire box of 2004 Alan Jackson calendars. The funny part? The box in which the calendars came was still sealed. An entire box of calendars unopened for better than 8 years. And there were like 200 calendars in the box. It will forever be a big question mark. And, more than likely, one we won't dwell on. But it is kind of and oddity and it makes you wonder if there were 200 people who were just wandering aimlessly 8 years ago.