I'm sure if you asked anybody what annoys them about what people do on Facebook, you'd have to sit down for a lengthy conversation. Facebook has given us all license to welcome the entire world into our space.

Status updates like "I just turned on the lights" or "I'm going to bed" or "I think I'll have dinner" really aren't that earth-shattering. I mean we've ALL done that. I did that first one this morning, that middle one last night, and I'll do that last one later.

But do you care?

Social media's greatest achievement has been to give us the opportunity to pass along information to a lot of people quickly. And it's given us the opportunity to make people laugh. If I want to show somebody something funny, I go to Facebook. I won't come up empty-handed.

But Facebook has also given more leeway to certain folks than they need. So much stuff happens on Facebook that should never happen, and this video that I found lays out the details quite nicely: