I have the pleasure of hosting the 2014 Miss Daviess County beauty pageant Friday night at the Hines Center. It's no secret that I grew up in the pageant circle. More when I was younger, but I come from a pageant family. I can remember having viewing parties of Miss America, each of us having our own score sheets and comparing with the actual winners. Until high school, I trained to compete in Miss Tennessee. (Cheerleading and singing won that fight, ha.) So, it's a natural fit for me to host the pageant.

Being at practice last night reminded me of something thou.. the misconception that non "pageant people" have about the girls in pageants.

Let me tell you about these girls...

First of all, what those 16 girls will be doing Friday night, 90% of you couldn't. No offense, but not everyone can sparkle. (Yea, I said it.) And, I'm not talking about glitter lotion and butt-glue. I'm talking about walking out on a stage, with your family, friends, classmates all staring back at you. Oh, go ahead and throw in the fact that you're wearing a swimsuit and five-inch heels. On a scale from one to ten, how terrified are you? Ha... it's not as easy as they make it look, that's for sure.

As I began reading their bios, I was reminded of something... these are amazing young women. Young women who will, undoubtedly change the world in a positive way. I read countless efforts of honor-roll status', academic awards, dean's lists, volunteering honors and descriptions of individuals who give back to their communities. From scrap-booking with nursing home residents, to helping out local animal shelters, these girls are impressive. Trust me, pageant girls are making a difference.

It's not about the crown. Ok... maybe a little bling never hurt anyone, ha! But, it's about the honor. The honor of representing your community. The honor of being the objection of a little girl's dream. The honor of being a positive influence to everyone you cross paths with.

So, tomorrow night, at 7:00pm at the Hines Center, another journey will begin. One of these amazing, inspiring and beautiful young women will gain a crown and sash. But, each of them will gain an extra boost of confidence that will carry them throughout their lives.

Take if from an old has-been beauty queen. The pride of walking across that stage will never leave you. And the impression that you make on others, will never leave them.

Good luck, ladies... it's your night.