Uh, excuse me. But I have been living in the dark. I had no idea there were POISONOUS snails. I had no idea there GIANT snails. Consequently, I had no idea there GIANT POISONOUS SNAILS!!!!

The people of Houston, however, are well aware. And that's because giant African land snails are popping in the Lone Star State's largest metropolis. What are they doing here? They're African. And they're snails.

I mean, they must have a life span of, like, 200 million years, considering how long it would take SNAILS to get from Africa to Houston. I'm fairly certain that even the plane ride would stretch into double digits.

Well, anyway, they're here (they've also been found in Florida), they're dangerous, and there's a point in the video below where the announcer says that no one should touch them...right at the point where we see someone, you know, TOUCHING them.

Check it out: