Last Wednesday night, Transylvania fans were given quite an entertaining and promising show by their beloved Pioneers...for about five minutes. Then the Kentucky Wildcats turned the lights on, and it was lights out as UK rolled to a 97-53 victory in its first exhibition match-up of the 2011-2012 basketball season. Tonight, the tw0-game exhibition season wraps up as the 'Cats take on Morehouse College. Coach John Calipari was a bit disappointed in UK's toughness in the Transy game. And he was a little put out about their work in the post. And let's face it, when you have big bruisers like Terrence Jones and Anthony Davis down low, you should have no cause for concern. Sure, it was a 44 point win, but Coach Cal wants a go-for-the-throat approach from the opening tip. There WERE lapses in the tough mindset that we're used to seeing in the 'Cats. But Cal is also integrating four freshmen into the team AND it was the first real competition those rookies have faced this season. It's been all scrimmage to this point. One freshmen, however, impressed mightily. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist lit up the Pioneers for 19 points, seven rebounds, five assists, and a block. That's music to the eyes for any member of Big Blue Nation and it prompted Coach Cal to announce that Kidd-Gilchrist MUST start. And that leaves you to wonder...who DOESN'T? By process of elimination, it might have to be senior guard Darius Miller. Miller would be a sensational sixth man, but how do you tell your most experienced player, one of your most invaluable players--and the guy that was named the Most Valuable Player at the SEC Tournament just eight months ago--that he isn't going to start after doing so last year? Very carefully, I'd guess. And Cal is masterful with his guys. And Miller bleeds blue and is mature enough to understand the call. Most teams would kill to have someone like Darius Miller play sixth. Tonight, we'll find out if he'll be doing just that. Join WBKR for live coverage of UK vs. the Morehouse Maroon Tigers tonight at 6pm.