Hey ladies, it's time we all took charge of our vehicles. Sure you can drive it like a boss but do you know how to use a jack? If you do, awesome! If you don't, get over to a knowledgeable auto parts store and they are usually more than happy to help show you how to check some of these things out.

1.  How to check the fluids (under the hood)

There are many areas under the hood of your vehicle that need fluid besides your engine. Like your transmission, coolant in your radiator (antifreeze) and windshield wiper fluid.

2.  How to change a tire/ use a jack

As difficult as it sounds, it’s not impossible to change our own tire.  Everyone wants a road-trip vacation but sitting on the side of I-65 for two hours for AAA to arrive is no fun. Have a friend, family member, or your mechanic show you how to do a quick exchange of your tire.

3.  Check tire tread

Inspect for signs of cracking, bulging, and uneven wear; the inflation level and the depth of the tread. To have fully functioning vehicles, you must start from the ground up, or in this case, your tires.

4. Plug and filter maintenance

It’s always a good idea to keep a check of wear and tear that your spark plugs and your filters have on them. These are the filters you need to keep a check-on every few thousand miles; fuel filters, air filters, oils filters. All should be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary.

5.  Headlights/taillights/blinkers

Nighttime driving will become less stressful when you know that you have a quality set of headlights. They don’t have to be a fancy set, but having them in top working order is a must to have a safe after-dark drive. Check for light dimness in the headlights, this could be a sign the bulbs are going out, or maybe even an electrical problem is arising in the vehicle. Check the quality of both, low and high beams, most lights can last for multiple years, but the halogens need to be replaced about once a year.


It is extremely important to not be oblivious to taillights that have burnt out, or do not work properly when the breaks are applied. For the driver behind you may not even notice you have come to a complete stop.  Not having taillights could result in a ticket or fine in some states. They’re normally a relatively inexpensive fix and just as important as headlights.


Plain and simple, just keep a check on front and rear blinkers, also shouldn’t be too pricey a fix if you find that you need new ones. Blinkers help other drivers determine your future course and can help prevent accidents.

Road Trip Life Hacks

  • When driving an unfamiliar vehicle, look at the gas gauge. On most models there is an arrow pointing to which side of the car the gas tank is.
  • When on car trips with kids, mount a shoe organizer to the back of a seat for organized access to sippy cups, toys and snacks.
  • Bring CDs sure its old school, but you’ll be needing your smart phone battery life for maps, directions, and that marathon of Candy Crush the shotgun rider is sure to have.  Make your own road trip soundtrack!
  • Depending on how far you plan on traveling, have small bills on hand in case you encounter toll-roads.
  • Bring a multi-way charger for all electronic gadgets.


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