If you live in a city long enough, you sort of develop a "shorthand" with your fellow citizens, in terms of the things you say that only THEY would understand.

One way to know if someone is from out of town or hasn't lived here very long is if they ask or say something that you KNOW a long-time resident would never ask or say.

After a little crowd-sourcing, here's what we have...

"I hate mutton."

Well, I don't. Growing up, that's what Dad always meant when he said we're going for barbecue. In our family, it was synonymous with mutton, and vice versa. But I know plenty of folks who aren't from Owensboro who cannot stand it. And I'm talking about people who've lived here a long time. I've grown to accept that if you're not from Daviess County, there's a better-than-even chance you won't like mutton. In other words, I've grown accustomed to your distaste.


I love this. I grew up calling it Fred-ica. No "R." As I got older, the "R" returned. But I have never ONCE made the "long E" sound when pronouncing it. Eventually, newcomers will learn.

"I've never heard of burgoo."

Then you are not living a charmed life. Burgoo, for those NOT in the know, is the amazing soup/stew that incorporates vegetables and various meats...including (see above) MUTTON! When I take a big bite of burgoo, angels sing, just so you'll know.

"Racing sucks."

Oh, I think them's fightin' words in Owensboro. Thing is, I've never actually heard anyone say that, so, fortunately, we all got the memo.

"You guys can't make BBQ."

Who are you and what are you doing in this town?

"I like IU."

You know, when the Kentucky/Indiana rivalry games came to an end, I wondered if the enmity between the two fan bases would subside. Based on the one meeting between the two schools since John Calipari ended the relationship, so to speak, it really hasn't. (Hint: Indiana won. Didn't sit well.)

"I'm a Duke fan."

As far as I'm concerned, the prior statement is perfectly fine. I've never had a problem with Indiana. Duke, on the other hand? Don't get me started. It's really the only team in sports I cannot stand. (Maybe the Patriots.) Yes, I know it's a legendary blue-blood program. Yes, I know Mike Krzyzewski is one of the greatest coaches of all time. But, for me, there's always been a level of arrogance that exudes from that team that just drives me bananas. I have a very close friend who's a Duke fan. That's fine. It's called sports.

"I've never eaten at the Dipper."

You'll have to forgive me. Can someone actually SAY this? This isn't just an example of the topic we're covering, right? Is there an Owensboroan who really has NEVER been to the Dipper? Drop what you're doing. Go now. I'll wait here.

"What's the Rolling Pin?"

Answer: it's the locally legendary...nay, ICONIC...bakery on 18th Street that has been there since, AT LEAST, I was a little kid. The Rolling Pin truck has been delivering donuts to Owensboro convenience stores AND selling delectable treats from its shop for eons. "What's the Rolling Pin?" I guess you won't ask THAT again.

"Who cares about UK basketball?"

Pose that question to certain people, and I doubt you'll enjoy the response. But there are also plenty of KWC (obviously), Louisville, WKU, and Murray fans in Owensboro. Not to mention non-Kentucky-based teams that enjoy Owensboro support. So you might just get away with it.

"I absolutely LOVE driving on Highway 54."

Now here's one I don't think will necessarily get you into trouble. I just think people will believe you have lost your mind and are a glutton for punishment.

"This city needs a few more concrete trees."

I'll just leave that there.


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