According to Signature Maids, the average American spends an average of 365 hours each year scrubbing toilets, dusting furniture, folding laundry and completing household chores.

While these jobs are never fun, they are necessary. That said, there are a few dirty chores that people are happy to pay someone else to handle.

In a poll commissioned by Cinch Home Services, septic tank maintenance ranked as the dirtiest chore no one wants to handle themself, as 87.2 percent of participants admitted they'd prefer to call for professional backup when it comes to septic, well, backups.

Other dirty jobs that few want to do themselves include scooping the litter box (49 percent), removing dead animals (39 percent), cleaning out the gutters (34 percent), cleaning out pest traps (31 percent) and sweeping the chimney (15 percent).

Many people said they are willing to pay up to $15 to have someone clean their commode, while others are happy to pay up to $21 for someone else to pick up their dog's droppings.

Participants also revealed they're willing to pay up to $27 to have someone else remove hair from their drains; up to $26 to clear the rotten food out of their fridge; and up to $43 to scrub their shower or bathtub.

Meanwhile, many participants felt $105 would be well spent to have a professional unclog their toilet.

Here's the full list of chores Americans pay to avoid, below:

  1. Cleaning the gutters
  2. Cleaning the toilet
  3. Emptying pest traps
  4. Maintaining the septic tank
  5. Picking up dog waste
  6. Removing dead animals
  7. Removing hair from the drains
  8. Cleaning out the fridge
  9. Cleaning the litter box
  10. Cleaning the shower
  11. Sweeping the chimney
  12. Taking out the trash
  13. Unclogging the toilet

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