A 16-year-old New York native named Madison VanDenburg blew American Idol judges away with her rendition of Dan + Shay's "Speechless" on Sunday (March 10).

The teenager offered more of an intimate approach to the song, performing it as a ballad on piano with spine-tingling vocals. During her performance, both judges Luke Bryan and Katy Perry both rubbed their arms to wipe away the goosebumps.

All three stared on in amazement at her playing the piano while she effortlessly brought the country lyrics to life.

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At the end of the song, the judges stood and applauded, to which the young girl was shaken and shocked. Lionel Richie was shocked, too, learning that she is sixteen, even questioning her age twice.

"Did you know what you just did rendered us Speechless? To the point where Katy is showing me goosebumps on her arms," he remarked.

Perry called her "the next Kelly Clarkson." VanDenburg told the judges that she has studied the piano classically her "whole life."

"Katy said it, I'm witnessing the next Kelly Clarkson," Bryan told the young hopeful, still visibly amazed at her performance. VanDenburg went onto say that this was the "most exciting day of her life." We'll be seeing VanDenburg in Hollywood week later this month.

American Idol airs Sundays and Wednesdays on ABC at 8PM ET.

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