ODC Youth Football League has been serving the Daviess County area for 40+ years focusing on safety, fundamentals, and most of all, fun for all participants! This weekend Football & Cheerleading Registrations will get underway.

I was involved with the ODC Youth Football League in the late 90's, early 2000's when my husband, Chris Arnold, coached the Chiefs. The league has come a long way since then with a brand new state of the art field. They also have a partnership with USA Football and their Heads Up Safety program and to begin a partnership with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Dick's Sporting Goods. I remember fondly the wonderful feeling of working with the kids as a Team Mom and in 2000 the Chiefs won the championship! We couldn't have more excited for the kids and the parents.

Here, Chris Arnold is receiving a trophy from then and still ODC Youth Football President, Robert Bradfield.

Chris Arnold

The league changed from Pop Warner to the ODC Youth Football League in 1972. This photo is from 1974 when my future husband played for the league as a Raider and is running with the ball. Chris didn't mention whether he scored! Of course, he scored later in life when he met me and we got married!

Chris Arnold

The league has come a long way through the years and this year the league will have a major face lift with all new helmets, jerseys, and integrated pants for the boys and pom-poms and hair bows for the girls.

Even I got into the action as a Pop Warner Cheerleader for the 49ers in Michigan!

Barb Birgy

Football & Cheerleading Registrations will be held the next two weekends at Waymond Morris Park (Off Southtown Blvd) in Owensboro.

Saturdays       July 15th, 22nd       9am-2pm

Sundays         July 16th, 23rd       1pm-3pm

Their mission statement says it all, "We strive to always do what's best for our kids and their families and to help and support our community in everything we do".