I have a mattress sitting in my garage that looks like someone was murdered on it.  It's actually not stained, but it looks really unfortunate- like it was ripped from the movie Seven. When the mattress was being manufactured, there was an issue with the fabric ink and a malfunction caused a huge flaw in the design pattern.  It literally looks like a prop piece from the set of CSI.  It has been sitting in our garage for years now and it needs to go.
Over the weekend, I saw some great news on Facebook.  The Owensboro Neighborhood Alliances have announced the dates for this year's Neighborhood Cleanups.  Of course, residents in the cleanup areas are "encouraged to help beautify the neighborhood by picking up litter along the sidewalks and streets on their scheduled cleanup day."  That's just one component of the scheduled cleanup events.  The other component is how I am FINALLY getting rid of that tragic mattress.
The Owensboro Sanitation Department will again provide FREE curbside pickup to residential customers. They'll be picking up junk furniture, appliances, tires, mattresses and more. If you'd like to discard similar items that you may have, all you have to do is place your disposables curbside by the Friday night prior tor your neighborhood's scheduled cleanup.  If you have large items like I have described, you're asked to call the CityAction line at 270-687-4444  or email cityaction@owensboro.org by the Wednesday before your cleanup.
A couple of additional notes. 1) Smaller items must be bagged or boxed. 2) The sanitation crews will NOT be picking up construction debris/materials, yard waste, dirt, paint or any type of liquid.
Owensboro Neighborhood Alliance
Owensboro Neighborhood Alliance


And here are those important reminders to consider if you want to participate in your neighborhood's cleanup day and plan to take advantage of the FREE sanitation services that day.

Owensboro Neighborhood Alliance
Owensboro Neighborhood Alliance
Cleanups will take place each scheduled day from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

If you're wondering what neighborhood alliance you are in, you can use this link to find out! https://services.owensboro.org/maps/citizen-information.

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