It's always fun to get out and about with other couples.  Especially if you are married with kids you deserve a night away to enjoy a good time.


My husband and I run the marriage ministry at our church and we try to teach the other couples who attend the importance of making time for one another.  We both have super busy schedules and it's easy to get caught up in what we are doing on a daily basis.  Continuing to date your spouse is what keeps the magic alive.  We all get into a routine and the things we did for each other when we first got together tend to lessen or stop all together.

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We always try to show the couples fun things they can do with their spouse for date night.  We share things that are free all the way to weekends away so they can bond.  This weekend we are having a Marriage Cookout and we will hang out with the other couples and do fun games, fellowship, and of course, we are gonna eat!

Here are just a few of the games we are gonna play and you can use these too;

MY LITTLE COOKIE FACE- Put a cookie on your forehead, and try and move it to your mouth without using your hands! (cookies-Oreos work best)

DATE NIGHT DUDS-This one is for the men, meaning they are doing the work.  With two rolls of toilet paper and clothespins, they have to design an outfit fit for date night for their wife.  The wife has to stand still and let them work.  (toilet paper, clothespins)

HIM OR HER-This one is always a crowd favorite.  You get two paddles with signs that say him or her on them.  You have a series of about 20 or more questions and you face the couple opposite of one another or at least where they can't see the other person's answer.  Then you proceed to ask questions.  Whichever couple can get the most right wins a prize.

DOMINANT PARTNER-Prepare to laugh until you cry on this one.  You need sets of pantyhose, softballs and tennis balls.  Put one softball in one end of the pantyhose and use the other leg to tie it around someone's waist.  Then you set up two cones and have two people race to see who can move the tennis ball to the finish line fastest wins a prize.

SEPARATION ANXIETY-Get M & M's or Skittles and put them in a pile in front of a set of cups.  The players have 60 seconds to separate out into each color.   Whoever does it the fastest wins.

Most importantly have fun.  Find things you like to do together and do them.  ENJOY!

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