This weekend, I stayed in a hotel with suites and then I stayed at a 100 plus year-old bed and breakfast way off the beaten path. They had two very different sets of accommodations. 

The Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee was featured on the SyFy series Ghost Hunters in 2012. Yes, there are ghosts. This is Mr. Cloyd, in mannequin form. The Cloyds originally owned the property.


I love places like the Thomas House. However, with age comes the sacrifice of certain amenities. Number one, I had ZERO cell phone service. Yes, I was off the grid for a little over 12 hours. They did have wifi. I know, some things are sometimes necessary out in the country. I was fine. The room I stayed in with my friend, it had a tiny bedroom off to the side with a single bed in what I think was a child's room and it had this on the bed.


The ball says "I'll be back" Say what? My friend, who has stayed there countless times, kept asking me if the ball had moved. I can testify it never moved, but it was requested the door to this tiny room be shut at bedtime. Speaking of bedtime, that's when the ghost hunting began. They do it out there almost every weekend, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning. Yes, I slept while an active ghost hunt was going on. I think I slept pretty good notwithstanding the odd dream or two.

And now, the real reason I'm writing this. I talked about certain sacrifices. There are sinks with hot and cold water in the rooms themselves. But I was wondering where the other parts of the bathroom were? I got my answer.

And before you ask, I took a quick shower in here Sunday morning. It really is the best of both worlds; a little crowded, but convenient.