Are you all watching Celebrity Apprentice?  If not, you've gotta tune in!   There have already been some major fireworks this season (In one hilarious episode, Meatloaf nearly ripped the head off of that lunatic Gary Busey!!) and even more fireworks are brewing!  We're talking major, Thunder Over Louisville fireworks!  See, on last night's episode, John Rich and the men beat the women in a challenge to design a 4-page ad for the Trump Hotel chain.  In edging he women for victory, John earned another $20,000 for St. Jude Childrens' Research Hospital and stopped a losing skid the men had been suffering for weeks.  On the women's side, however, the claws are coming out and a big old nasty storm is brewing!  And I cannot wait . . .

A couple of weeks ago on Apprentice, John Rich was project manager on a task in which the men's team and the women's team had to design their own artwork and auction it off for charity.  Despite the fact that John raised over $600,000 for St. Jude, he lost to Marlee Matlin, who raised $986,000 for her charity!  So, this week was a bit of sweet revenge for John, whose team desperately needed a win.  The only catch . . . they didn't really WIN.

The Donald's executives didn't like either of the ad campaigns designed by the teams.  They were supposed to design a conceptual ad campaign that represented the elegance and style of the Trump Hotel chain.  What they got instead looked like artwork from an 8th grade crash-course in Powerpoint! John Rich's team used every major cliche in the business . . . from the photo of the high-rise hotel to the tight shot of a towel draped across the arm of the butler.  The women's campaign was photo overkill, with even more cliches: a sexy gal in a bathtub full of rose petals, a photo of pretentious women eating an even more pretentious lunch, etc.

So, when the executives hated both presentations, they had to make a choice.  Which campaign was the true lesser of the evils?  And, they chose the men's team and John Rich made off with an additional $20,000 donation to St. Jude and the peace of mind knowing that he, Meatloaf and Lil Jon were safe from elimination.

The ladies, on the other hand, were not safe and had to remain in the boardroom to face The Donald and beg for their lives in the competition.  When it was all said and done, Latoya Jackson was sent packing.  But here's where it gets really good!

See, NeNe Leakes REALLY wanted to see Star Jones go, but knows that Star is a much stronger player than Latoya.  So, she had to ask Donald Trump to keep Star because the women MUST stay strong to compete toe-to-toe with the men.  But, make no mistake, NeNe knows what kind of game Star is playing and is ready to call her out and take her down.  AND I CANNOT WAIT!


Did you see the previews for next week's show??  NeNe gets in Star Jones face and makes it very clear that she is going after her and plans to take her down!  In fact, my favorite part of the preview . . . when NeNe says, "You play a good game, Star!  Now, let's see your street game!  Where's Barbara Walters now?"  I laughed out loud and hit rewind on my DVR 4 times.  This is GREAT television and I am a full-fledged addict.

Look, Gang!  If you are not watching Celebrity Apprentice you need to tune in.  Big egos, big tension, big money at stake . . . and big celebrity smackdowns!  We've already had a Meatloaf-Gary Busey smackdown.  We've had a John Rich-Gary Busey Smackdown.  We've had a Dionne Warwick smackdown!  And, now, the biggest smackdown of all is a'comin' . . . NeNe Leakes versus Star Jones.  In this reality television Battle of the Broads, I am pulling for someone "real" . . . the Real Housewife of Atlanta!

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