You browse the internet multiple times a day, why not get paid to do it, right?

Well one company is offering to do just that. Pay you do browse the internet. I mean think about it, you do this when you're slacking off at your job (don't act like you don't). It only seems fitting to put your browsing skills to good use.

Opera, a Norwegian internet browser company, is looking for to hire a "Personal Browser." Your task, if chosen, is to simply browse the web and talk about all of the fun, exciting, and strange things that you come across while livestreaming the experience on Opera's social media channels..

The company says that they are looking for "the kind of person who loves silly memes, watching baby seal videos and studying conspiracy theories." Which should be quite a few people, maybe even yourself.

According to their website, this will be a two-week browsing period will begin in winter 2020/2021. The company is offering to pay the candidate $9,000 to literally browse the internet. Easy money, am I right?!

If the dollar signs sparked your interest, here’s what you need to do to apply:

  1. Prepare a short video (15-60 seconds) where you talk about the most relevant browsing moment of your life. It can be anything from a funny incident to a dead serious revelation – it’s totally up to you.

  2. Upload your video to either Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube under #operapersonalbrowser. Remember to change your privacy settings to public!

  3. Share the link to your video and your social media handles to before Friday, November 13th.

The deadline is quickly approaching for you to apply, so get that video ready. For more information and to apply, CLICK HERE.

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